Kawoshin pencil case/cosmetic pouches will be available for pre-order until April 27th!!  I’m restocking the medium bags (so they will be available even after pre-order), but the small bags are pre-order only!
Check original kawopost for a few more photos.
I’m hoping to add a new design to the pre-order list tomorrow if I have time.

1 slot for a custom-drawn bag will open later tonight.

Kawosmetic bags that come in 3 quotes and 2 sizes.

✦ “This time I’ll make you happy.” 
✦ “I really was born to meet you.” 
✦ “I’m sorry this isn’t the happiness you wished for.”

You can get them at my storenvy: http://pchoop.storenvy.com/
(Or direct link to the pre-order: here)  Thank you!

a lot of people asked me about my pencil bag at sakuracon and this is where it came from!!! please buy from her they’re super cute uvu

are you going to be making more fe:a charms when you get back from your cons? i would love to buy a tiki and panne and maybe stahl too :)

i won’t be continuing the charm set but i’m still drawing chibis and they’ll all be available as keychains!!

i’ll be making more charms too but just not necessarily of every character u__u

When are you reopening your online shop

uh probably tonight? idk

i’m still catching up on homework and stuff i missed and i have another con in 4 days so i’m kind of rushed rn, sorry!!

come visit table 34 if you’re at kawaiikon!! \o/

come visit table 34 if you’re at kawaiikon!! \o/

i forgot to post earlier lmao but im at table Z-01 at ECCC!! come visit if you’re here uvu

i forgot to post earlier lmao but im at table Z-01 at ECCC!! come visit if you’re here uvu


hey guys!! sorry i meant to announce this earlier anjkfds;fj;f but i’ve been super busy this week. my shop is currently closed though! i’ll be at table Z-01 at emerald city comic con this weekend and then next weekend i’ll be at kawaiikon, table 34! my shop will reopen once i get home from hawaii, on april 9th!


caught up with all of my emails and tumblr messages so if you haven’t heard back from me please resend! i reply to every message even if it’s just to say thanks so if you don’t hear back from me i probably didn’t get it!!!

also to the people i emailed a couple hours ago saying new charms would be up tomorrow/thurs i’m sorry i lied i got them listed tonight //////////OTL


anon replies under the cut!!

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new 2” charms added to the shop!! on white, black, and doublesided clear acrylic!! i’m still working on pictures for the listings but i decided to go ahead and post everything tonight since a lot of people have been asking about them!!

i’ll try to keep most of these in stock for upcoming cons but i can’t really guarantee anything since back to back shows unfortunately don’t give me time to restock in between u___u


i’ve been really busy with school lately BUT i’m done with finals after wednesday! \o/ i have a bunch of new charms i’ll be adding to the shop soon and i’ll reply to all of my messages once classes are over!! uAu